KIDS PROGRAMS at iMA Sports Novi are effective, exciting, and above all fun. Developmental programs are structured to equip your child with important traits that will help them evolve into exemplary models of success.

The peerless staff is dedicated to teaching your child effective martial arts skills while helping them attain their goals. The program functions with the needs of the individual through structured lesson plans and exceptional instruction. Respect, self-discipline, goal setting, perseverance, self-defense and confidence are inculcated in every one. The curriculum impels students into forging bonds in order to overcome their anxieties and explore new horizons.


  • Focus
  • Physical Fitness
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Better Grades
  • Courage
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Self Defense
  • Self Discipline

LITTLE i’s Class Focus (4-6 years old)

Fun-filled and positive learning karate program for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first- graders. Our Little i’s Program focuses on the development of encouraging habits such as paying attention, respect for self and others, cooperation, following directions, self control & self discipline. While children will be learning basic martial arts techniques, they will also be enhancing their motor skills and coordination—furthermore they will be learning essential “life skills” such as confidence, self-assurance and the will to succeed.

JUNIOR i’s Class Focus (Ages 7-12 | Family Classes)

Junior and Family Classes combine physical exercise, motor skill development, iMA Sports Novi curriculum, and life skills training. The program is designed to build confidence and character by providing the child with control over his or her body and the ability to stand up to negative peer pressure and other intimidating situations. The belt ranking system of iMA Sports Novi gives your child a sense of achievement and accomplishment. The importance of this is that it develops the principle of goal setting. We will work on your child’s short and long term goals as well as encourage them to apply such planning skills in other areas of their life. We educate children that Martial Arts is not to be used outside of the Dojo in any manner other than in true self-defense.

Call us today at (947) 999-5535 or stop by our location at 43155 Main Street Suite 312 in Novi during class hours and we’ll be happy to speak with you and schedule your free introductory class.

There’s absolutely no obligation or commitment required to try us out, and we welcome you to attend a free session before enrolling to see what we’re all about. However, intro class space is limited, and we schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. So, contact us as early as possible to reserve your spot.